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Pet Shelfie


The Pet Shelfie is HOLT’s portrait range dedicated to our furkids (and feathered friends!)…These portraits are in the same range as the quirky continuous line family portraits, with up to two faces in the 25 x 25 cm frame. You can add your your pup, your parrot, and all the pets in between…Any member of your pet family can be included!

The Shelfie is super versatile. It loves sitting pretty on a shelf… or hanging out on a wall.

Simple, monochromatic, and continuous ink lines on the finest quality paper are all HOLT needs to create an uncanny likeness to favourite pet photographs….

Shelfies by HOLT are hanging out in homes across Australia, sitting on shelves and desks in homes and offices…Free gift wrapping included. Yay!

*Note that the portraiture is not traditional in style, instead using continuous line – where the pen never leaves the paper – to create a likeness to faces in photographs you provide.

**Three week standard wait time until it’s in your hot little hand. If you need it urgently, let’s chat about how I can make that happen.