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Weird question, right? Let’s unpack it for a sec.

So the price of a new couch sits (no pun intended) somewhere between $1K and $5K. More often than not it’s a mass produced addition to your home, and is hardly the statement piece of a room. Chances are you will be looking at replacing the couch within a few years, when it’s pretty much worth nothing, and looks not so pretty.

Now let’s consider original artwork…..For the same amount of money as that (boring) couch, you can select a high quality, original piece. An artwork is unique, raises emotions, allows both the artist and art lover to express individuality, and is the perfect (classy) finishing touch to a room. A home with originals on the walls has a certain sense of prestige…..and quite often, the owners enjoy their artwork increasing in value.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against the purchase of a great couch….In fact, sometimes a day on the couch is exactly what my doctor ordered….But my view from the couch includes some incredible unique pieces that I’ll never tire of looking at.

Chances are you already have the couch, so you know what your next purchase should be….Get a HOLT. on your wall.